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Great Teams and the people who love them » When the third period began the head coach had made many substitutions

Great Teams and the people who love them

September 26th, 2007

When the third period began the head coach had made many substitutions

Posted by mike in unknown teams

When the third period began the head coach had made many substitutions.
Blaisdell had taken Churchill’s place at left guard, Gafferty had gone
in for Hall in the other guard position, Freer was at right half instead
of Kendall and Rollins had ousted Harris at full-back. Whatever may have
been said to the Brimfield warriors during that fifteen minutes’
breathing space, it brought results. Marvin speeded the team up and the
men no longer allowed their opponents to get the jump on them each time.
In the first five minutes Brimfield was twice penalised for off-side
play. Marvin got away for a thrilling run along the side line soon after
Morgan’s kicked off, and placed the pigskin on the enemy’s thirty-four
yards after a gain of over forty. Then Rollins, who was a
heavily-built, hard-plugging chap, smashed the line on the right and,
keeping his feet cleverly, bored through for six. A forward failed and,
on third down, Freer punted to the Morgan’s twelve yards and both
Edwards and Holt reached the catcher before he could start. A whirlwind
double-pass back of the line sent a half around Edwards’ end and gained
three, and was followed by a skin-tackle play that secured three more
past Trow. But Morgan’s had to punt then, and a fine kick followed and
was caught by Still on his forty-five. With good interference he secured
five before he was thrown. Brimfield, still working fast, reached the
opponent’s thirty-five before a punt was again necessary. This time
Innes passed low and Freer kicked into the mle and the pigskin danced
and bobbed around for many doubtful moments before Marvin snuggled it
under him on the Morgan’s forty-three yards. From there a forward went
to Still and gained seven, and, playing desperately, the Brimfield backs
ploughed through for two firsts and placed the ball on the twenty-yard
line. One attempt at the left side lost ground and a delayed pass
followed by a plunge at centre secured but three yards. Rollins then
dropped back to the twenty-five and, with the stand very quiet, dropped
the ball over for three points and the first score of the game.

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