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Great Teams and the people who love them » “Mr

Great Teams and the people who love them

September 22nd, 2008


Posted by mike in unknown teams

“Mr. Daley; modern languages; you have him in French. Well, there was a
notice stuck on the wall across the place. It was in Greek and I
couldn’t make anything out of it at all and I asked Horace what it said.
Of course he just read it right off, with a mere passing glance; did he
not? Yes, he did not! He hemmed and hawed and muttered and finally said
he couldn’t make out the second word. I told him that was my trouble,
too. Then we asked the Greek that runs the place and he told us it said
that shines on Sundays and holidays were ten cents. Of course, Horace
isn’t a specialist in Greek, but still he’s been through college, and
what I say is–”

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